Chris Bleggi’s Media Diet

On my way to classes early in the morning I always pick up three newspapers: The New York Times,ctb The Daily Collegian, and USA Today. I usually don’t read the whole paper, however I try to read most of the headlines that are found throughout.

The main section I focus on in all three newspapers is the sports section. Throughout the day I read bits and pieces of all three newspapers. I do most of my reading, however, online and on social media. Every morning after college football, NFL, baseball, basketball games, I’m always looking online at the box scores to see how my team did and how other teams fared.

I’m also always lurking on Twitter to find out the latest news in the sports world. I follow every large sports media outlet and every major sports analyst on Twitter to make sure I find out the big news that happens. I also periodically take a look at websites like,, etc. ESPN-Red-Logo-largeOne reading that I still try to keep up on while I am here at State College is the sports section of my home newspaper, The Erie Times News. I’m able to look at all the sports news online at I’ve always been heavily interested in sports and read anything about it whether it’s transactions made by NFL teams on “Cut Day” or the latest news in the Aaron Hernandez case.

All throughout the day I am reading something:  sports, global news, entertainment news, etc. I usually try to keep up on my current events.


5 thoughts on “Chris Bleggi’s Media Diet

  1. I love the fact that you follow ESPN so closely. I really need to get my game together; I’m a totally biased sports fan. Are you trying to work as a reporter for ESPN in the future? I’m obsessed with Erin Andrews and would love to have a sideline job like hers. Maybe we’ll be co-reporting together in the future!

    • Thanks! I’m a really biased sports fan too. Ever since I was a little kid I wanted to work for ESPN as an NFL analyst or a sports reporter. Guys like Adam Schefter and John Clayton are my inspirations because of all the work they’ve done. Reporting together could absolutely be a possibility!

  2. It’s great to see another aspiring broadcaster/journalist that has such a deep following for all things sports. I know it gets in my head sometime and sports take over my life (as you can probably tell by my title of my post), but when you’re as passionate about something as sports as I am, (and seems that you are too), you welcome that “obsession” into your life and try to make that your career. Keep doing what you’re doing, loving sports and going for a career as the next Schefter or Boomer.

    • As the same to you man! Always have been passionate about sports all my life. You are absolutely right in welcoming that “obsession” for something that you care about and it seems that we both really are passionate about sports.

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