Isabel’s Media Diet

Starting at a young age my parents never really exposed me to the media. To be honest, they weren’t even too fond of taking the time out of their day to sit down and read the New York Times or the local newspaper. That being said, I didn’t really grow up in an environment where it was encouraged to sit down and just read about the events that are occurring in the everyday world around us. But since I’ve been here at Penn State, I have come to the realization that being updated on the current events in the world around us is extremely important for our further knowledge.


Just discovered Twitter a few days ago and these are my feelings towards it!

Our generation provides new media that allows us to find out what is happening in the everyday life around us. I didn’t start using twitter until a few days ago, but since then I have become obsessed. I always viewed twitter as a stupid way to communicate with the people you know through mutual friends but twitter is a lot more valuable than just that.  Now I follow the New York Times, CNN, Onward State, AP stylebook, E news and within 4 days I feel like I know 20 times more about the world around us than I did when I came to school. I’ve been checking my newsfeed several times a day and each time I check it, there is always a new update to check. There is nothing better to feel like you are educated in not just your classes but with the problems occurring globally.

Twitter is such an easy and accessible way to become updated on what’s happening and knowing myself I will think just because I’ve read twitter that I am completely up to date on everything. I don’t want to solely rely on twitter, I need to push myself to read the paper and push myself to read the daily collegian while I’m cuddling up in my bed being lazy. I have plenty of those lazy moments so instead of being addicted to my Facebook; I should pick up a paper and read.

I’m really not a big media/ social media type of person, I like to keep things off of the Internet with the exception of Facebook. But now I can really come to appreciate the different apps and social networking that is provided to make it easy for the people of my generation to know what’s going on in our world. I am happy I was introduced to this sooner than later. Considering that I’m in the broadcasting field, to be in front of the camera I need to know the updated current events well enough in order to even present the information with the confidence needed for an anchor. Habits such as checking my twitter feed for the updates on CNN and The New York Times will come in handy for my knowledge on the current events. I was a little stubborn about twitter as first but I think it’s time to give it a chance.


2 thoughts on “Isabel’s Media Diet

  1. I have so much respect for you that you just started using Twitter. The amount of time that I have wasted on Twitter in the past three years is actually a disgusting amount of hours. I recommend following Awkward State. It’s not a news site but it’s a hilarious account about Penn State. Also, be super careful with what you tweet if your account is not private. I think we all learned this lesson from the tweet featured in the Daily Collegian about the people in the Hub.

  2. Hi Isabel — I’m so glad you’re finding Twitter useful — it all depends on how you use it. You should definitely have some fun with it, as well; there are all kinds of entertaining and parody accounts out there. (The big one for the Penn State football beat is Evil Bill O’Brien, who is hilarious. Whoever is doing it totally has made up a plausible alter ego for the football coach.)

    What made you realize you needed to follow the news more closely? And did you tell your family? If so, what did they think?


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