Kristina Marie’s Media Diet

pic I start off most mornings by skimming through my FB news feed. I like to get caught up on the major events that occurred in the cyber world for the 7 (sometimes 8 if it’s a good night) hours that I was getting my beauty rest. It’s generally just a cluster of irrelevant sorority squat style pictures and “single-girl-swag” type statuses that I, and most other social media lovers, continue to go through every morning for some unknown reason. I suppose it’s because we hold on to that tiny bit of hope each morning that it’ll be a good day and we might stumble upon one or two posts that makes you smile or laugh.

The posts that typically stand out the most on the news feed tend to be articles; most of these articles are from Onward state or Elite Daily. Both of these sites are reporting what I, as a college aged female student, consider to be relevant news. They talk about Zedd at the BJC and “The 25 GIFS That Perfectly Describe Penn State.” Entertaining and simple news that doesn’t require a lot of effort to follow along, that’s all I expect from social media in the mornings. Which is why it’s the first thing on my to do list, my go-to source for daily information. I like to start off soft and easy and work my way up to the harder news, like CNN or The New York Times.

After my morning scroll on the book, I grab a copy of the Collegian on my way to class. I rarely ever read it cover to cover but it’s nice to have something to glance at when I have those awkward 30 min breaks between my classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

In large lecture halls like 100 Thomas, It’s hard to stay focused on what the professor keeps blabbing on about when your laptop is staring you in the face, screaming for you to spend all your summer work money on Nasty Gal or read through the shenanigans on the Listserv. The Listserv is how my sorority communicates information to all members; it’s how we all get our important information for the week like who’s going to be sober sister (gag), who’s on suite duty, how to block our football tickets together, what internships are available and where all of our socials for the weekend are going to be held.

After class, I’m usually stuck doing reading and other miscellaneous assignments for my classes. I like to end my day by relaxing in our brand new suite in Haller Hall, baking some Nestle Toll House chocolate chip cookies and watching the news. Anything direly important from the day typically gets recapped in the nightly news and in more detail than the first report, which is the biggest reason why I like to wait till the end of the day to catch up on my world news.

That’s about all there is to my recipe for media dieting; simple yet effective like all good things in life.


3 thoughts on “Kristina Marie’s Media Diet

  1. I liked your post! It’s lighthearted and relatable. Your morning routine is similar to mine, I just work from hard news to Facebook (so opposite of yours) with the same regard and a few eye rolls glancing at my news feed. Also, having a Collegian for your breaks between classes is a good idea. I rarely pick up a physical copy, but with hour chunks between classes where I don’t bring my laptop it’s probably in my best interest. And on the topic of the nightly news being more detailed–you are definitely right. It’s cool to see both the morning and the evening news, as well as checking online in between, to check out how stories have developed over the course of the day.

  2. Your media diet sounds pretty similar to mine! Skimming through social media is always my go-to for the mornings. I like your link to “The 25 GIFs That Perfectly Describe Penn State”; it was very relatable and made me laugh. I like how you included reading your Listserv as part of your media diet. News is dependent on the audience, and knowing weekend details and information about internships is relevant to your sorority. I also like to watch the news at night. I completely agree that at night everything is more focused and discussed in greater detail. After reading this I am now craving chocolate chip cookies…

  3. Ditto on the chocolate chip cookies. Totally craving them now.

    Seriously, it’s interesting to see how different people have different ways of processing the news. I start slow myself, and so does my husband. We get the Sunday New York Times delivered (the only dead-tree version that will show up on your doorstep in State College), and the A section is always the last one we read. He goes for Arts and Entertainment. I go with (I’m almost embarrassed to say this) Sunday Styles. I love the Vows column — basically, wedding of the week. When I’m warmed up, I go to the heavy stuff like Sunday Review and the A section.

    This is also a reason why magazines are structured as they are. Quick hits in the “front of the book,” as we call it, and more substantial stuff, longer features, in the middle.

    The key, of course, is that you get to the substantial stuff at some point …

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