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This image relates to technology growing in the industry

I usually get my information from watching news on television. I think it is one of the simplest forms of obtaining the news. You can turn on the television and listen and watch the news as you are getting ready in the morning or eating dinner. I think it’s the best suited form of news for me to keep myself updated about what’s happening around the world. I also use social media to get information. I think it’s easy and the fastest way, especially if you can follow the news through twitter or Facebook on your phone, you can stay updated about the news mobile. Technology is a great way for everyone to keep themselves informed of the news, you keep informed about sports, fashion, current events and political news.  The media industry is growing and becoming easier to obtain for everyone given new technology. Now everyone can be enlightened about political and social events in the media. The last book I read was, The Hunger Games, and it has been my favorite book so far. It was adventurous, dangerous and shows a girl as the heroine. What could be better? I was really addicted to the series and I love that the media has turned it into a movie trilogy.

My career goal right now is to become involved in international or foreign affairs. I’ve realized that I am very interested in foreign affairs and political events. I think I would like to become directly involved in this field. I think it would also be an interest to become involved in a television broadcast. I’ve been learning a lot about media studies and telecommunications which have both become an interest. I think the idea of writing for a newspaper sounds really fun and I think it would be a great experience.  Newspapers are one of the major ways people are informed of the news and current events around the world. It would be great to be able to be a part of that.


3 thoughts on “Laura’s blog

  1. Hi Laura — I have the same questions as Jordan — which TV programs for news, and why?

    Also, I love all three of the Hunger Games novels. I couldn’t stop reading them. I downloaded the first one on my iPad, finished it, and immediately downloaded the other two and got nothing done until I finished. They are just gripping. I’m excited for the movie this fall, too, and I’m going to need to re-read Catching Fire to prep myself before dragging my husband to the movies 🙂


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