Lia’s Media Diet

I’m not what they so-called call an “early bird” so to speak. I’m more of a whenever I wake up determines my personality at that moment. So, for instance, if I wake up at about 9:00 am, my intensions are not to read anything, but go back to sleep. But, on the other hand, if I wake up at 12:00 noon I might read Vogue Magazine, or check the feed on my new Twitter account, or maybe even check Instagram. Sometimes I even tune into the gossip on ETV News. Of course the biggest bit of gossip today is the “Miley Cyrus” act, so I tune into every bit of information I can find. I mostly do this because there are always people adding “fumes to the fire” so to speak and there is always more than one story. everyone mostly has an opinion to the situation.

I don’t want to just come right out and say I enjoy celebrity gossip, but I enjoy celebrity gossip. Why? Well because like I said before there are always more than one story to a situation and I get a kick out of hearing what everyone has to say. Then after listening to the “nonsense” so to speak I endorse and add in my comments. But hey can you blame me?! Well future job/jobs are going to be in that same category. I’m going to be the future editor, photographer, and fashion designer of Vogue Magazine. I enjoy making clothes and styling them to my abilities and I also enjoy getting all information about juicy gossip, or hot topics that everyone wants to know the answers to. I will be that person! that person who gets to the bottom of a situation and I have all the facts as they come.

I chose this photo  from Superficial Diva because this is one of my favorite Vogue Magazine covers. The picture is different in everyway which makes this relevant.

I chose this photo from Superficial Diva because this is one of my favorite Vogue Magazine covers. The picture is different in everyway which makes this relevant.

Well after I mark my name at Vogue Magazine, I want to work for ETV as a spokesperson. They are one of the top television channels that always have the gossip. But, not only that, they just about always have the facts. They have the interviews, the articles and they clear up the gossip. All the shows that come on ETV clear up the gossip that people and mostly media are chatting about. On top of that, they go to MTV awards, VMA awards, BET awards, Red Carpet etc. They get to talk to the celebrities about their outfits, their background on their outfits and many more. This is basically information about me! Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “Lia’s Media Diet

  1. So… You like fashion and I noticed we have two classes together. We should probably meet up. Haha… Most of my friends don’t seem to “get it”– fashion and journalism that is. It’s nice to meet people who get it.

  2. While reading this media diet, I appreciated your honesty. Most people are usually too embarrassed to actually admit they like to read about the juicy gossip, realistically everyone likes it just a little. Seems like your heading in an awesome direction in your career! I’m actually trying to be an anchor in entertainment business so reading your media diet is awesome because I’m interested in similar things as well! It’s awesome that you can make clothes, I’m into fashion too but I definitely do not have the potential that you have because making clothes and styling people is a lot harder than it seems. Good luck:)

  3. That’s a great point, Isabel, about Lia’s post: I, too, appreciate the honesty. Everyone tends to exaggerate their behavior when they are in a context that seems to expect something — news consumption in a journalism class is a great example 🙂 We should all keep in mind, as well, that days differ. You might spend more time on substantial stories on certain days, less on others. My goal for this class is to get everyone spending a little more time on the substantial stories.

    Also wondering if you fashionistas spend any time on my favorite procrastination blog: Tom and Lorenzo:


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