Meghan’s Media Diet

As my alarm goes off to wake me, I am always reluctant to get out of bed.  I reach for my phone in an attempt to delay the start of my day, and I skim through my Twitter and Instagram feeds as I lay in bed.  I follow several news accounts, so I click on the links that interest me to read more about popular topics.

I love my job; I get to dance and cheer for my favorite baseball team, the Washington Nationals.

I love my job; I get to dance and cheer for my favorite baseball team, the Washington Nationals.

My favorite notifications are from the various Washington Nationals twitter accounts I follow.  Since I worked for them over the summer, I like to stay updated on the players and the play-by-plays.  Onward State is another one of my favorite accounts because, obviously, I love everything that has to do with Penn State.  I also use Twitter to keep tabs on breaking news stories; my Twitter feed never fails to provide me with new information both locally and globally.

It is in my nature to be early to everything; therefore, every morning as I wait for the doors of Thomas 100 to open, I pick up a Daily Collegian or a New York Times and leaf through the pages.  I pay closer attention to the front page cover stories, and then I read the articles inside that catch my eye.

Nothing relaxes me more than reading a nonfiction book before I fall asleep.  Although I don’t have as much time to read for pleasure when I’m at school, sitting down with a good book is still one of my favorite pastimes.  The last book I read was called Unwind.  This story enthralled me because it depicts a future America that prohibits abortion in favor of a process called “unwinding”, in which parents can choose to have all of their child’s body parts donated for medical usage when they are between the ages of 13 to 18.  Stories illustrating an alternate world tend to be the most interesting to me; Harry Potter will always be my favorite series.


3 thoughts on “Meghan’s Media Diet

  1. Hi Meghan — I’m wondering what about a story or a headline in a tweet catches your eye. How do you decide which ones to click on or continue reading—the headline, the subject matter, something else?

    Also wondering which is your favorite Harry Potter book. I’m partial to Goblet of Fire. So much action!


  2. I’m definitely more interested in stories regarding my favorite sports teams, entertainment stories from E!, or any stories from Onward State and other Penn State accounts I follow. When it comes to world news, I think it’s the subject matter that will cause me to click and read more. Also, if a headline seems to imply breaking news or news of great importance, I am more likely to read more.

    If someone I follow on Twitter retweets from a news account I will definitely open it, because if they found it interesting, it is likely I will as well. I am friendly with some of my mom’s friends who are always posting new information and links on Facebook; I learn a lot from them!

    Goblet of Fire has always been my favorite! I have read it way too many times. The Half Blood Prince comes in a close second.


  3. Wow, Half Blood Prince. I think you’re the first person I’ve met who picks that book as a favorite. Interesting.

    That’s great that you have a network — including mom-friends — who you can trust to lead you to good news stories and information. We all need one of those!


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