Jill’s Media Diet

This is a picture one of my three older sisters took of me a couple years ago. Yes, I am in cornfield.

This is a picture one of my three older sisters took of me a couple years ago. Yes, I am in cornfield.

I’m obsessed with reading Better Homes and Gardens magazine, looking through Pottery Barn catalogs, reading food blogs, creating DIY projects and spending hours on Pinterest. Heck, I even follow “Babies of Instagram.” I am basically a grandma.

So yeah, that’s me for the most part. I love interior decorating, cooking (or learning to cook), baking, vegetable gardens, flowers, craft projects and babies. I am also a huge fan of nature, the outdoors and being active. Growing up, I would watch Animal Planet for hours on end. My favorite shows included The Crocodile Hunter (R.I.P. Steve Irwin) and Meerkat Manor. I now enjoy documentaries such as Planet Earth and the Blue Planet. I know—I’m kind of dorky.

I love Instagram because I can channel my love for nature through it. I suppose I am one of those “artsy” instagrammers who always post pictures of sunsets or trees. Some of my inspiration may come from a very talented photographer that I follow—Christoffer Collin—who posts beautiful photos of the natural world. Instagram is also great for staying on track with a healthy lifestyle. I follow numerous accounts that give daily fitness motivation and healthy recipes, which only perpetuate my food obsession. Additionally, the National Geographic account that I follow provides me with tidbits of international stories. Admittedly, I could be much more informed about international and even national news. I am actually rather ashamed of it. I recently got a Twitter, so hopefully it will help me in this aspect, but I still have yet to experience an addiction with Twitter like I have with Instagram!

As a Communications major, I know that I definitely need to read more and watch more news. Of course I will check the top stories that pop up on my AOL homepage or Facebook. I do read the Daily Collegian if I have time before class, and I will enjoy an entertaining story from Onward State. But other than that, I don’t exactly go out of my way to stay informed. Since reading is the only way I can become a better writer, I guess I better start reading more. I would like to become an avid reader of The New York Times—that way I will seem really educated and smart.

Leisurely reading is something that I find much more enjoyable, although it is often difficult to find the time to do it. The Girl with the Pearl Earring by Tracy Chevalier is the most recent book I read, which made for a pleasurable beach read. The novel is historical fiction; it tells a story behind Johannes Vermeer ‘s painting Girl with a Pearl Earring, which is an actual painting. The book is set in 17th century Holland and centers around the struggles and triumphs of a 16-year-old maid who works in Vermeer’s household. I won’t give away much else, but it gets a little scandalous!

Some of my favorite reads include the Hunger Games series, The Help and anything by Nicholas Sparks. I know—I am so mainstream.

Anyway, my goal this semester is to READ more!

I also forgot to add that I am a big fan of Duck Dynasty. Thought I would let you all know that.


3 thoughts on “Jill’s Media Diet

  1. I absolutely love the opening of this post. I am definitely an aspiring journalist as well but I would love to be a housewife if I could. Sometimes, I feel like I’m seventy years old trapped in a teenager’s body. I just want to settle down with a nice Penn State boy and raise future Penn Staters – typical. The Nicholas Sparks series is also something we have in common; I’m a total sucker for The Notebook! I feel like we could get along pretty well!

  2. Ladies! We are such girls! Haha… but it’s nice to see that there are some old fashioned dreamers out there. I am the same. I also enjoy some of the things you enjoy– Pottery Barn magazines, crafts and decorating, babies… DEAR JOHN (the book and the movie) Props to admitting your inner thoughts, something that is a big part of journalism. You are already on your way… I think after this class, you won’t go a day without finding out the news yourself.

  3. First off, a short feminist rant: You CAN be a “housewife” and still have a career. It’s not required, of course, and you’re never going to be able to give 100 percent to both roles all of the time, but you can figure out a balance. (Some days, it won’t work. So you give yourself a break and try a different plan.)

    I recently went to a Pinterest seminar for communicators on campus, and I found that social media platform completely baffling. I get Instagram, although I’m new to it. I get Twitter. And Facebook. I didn’t feel like I needed to take a class to figure out what was going on and how to use those platforms. But after a 90-minute Pinterest webinar on how to use the site at magazines, I left more confused than I was when I showed up. So I may be picking your brain on that.

    Also … there is a lot of outstanding journalism done based on food and housing and families and the like … when they are categorized as “women’s issues,” they are trivialized, and that’s a problem. Smart young women like you should be able to help fix that!

    When you get old like me, you end up with a subscription to Real Simple magazine 🙂


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