Viola’s Media Diet

Viola smiling at The Universal Studio says: Orlando rocks.

Viola smiling at The Universal Studio says: Orlando rocks.

In my impression, my father is the perfect reader in our family: he subscribed some local newspapers and read them with his critical mind. As for me, I just skipped all the way to the entertainment page and read them with my afternoon cookies.

I’m now not so much an entertainment reader; facing this multi-media world, I’m more of an “absorber”: eager to get close to the world in different ways. I check my email when I wake up in the morning and I label the important ones. After that I will go on Facebook and Twitter to follow up some news around me. While eating breakfast, I read New York Times on my iPhone app, checking big issues; the bonus is—news make me chew more slowly, which is more healthy, I assume. I then read the Washington Post on the bus on my iPhone with music shuffling. Usually it’s a short way so I could just scan some of the big news lists ahead, but I enjoy the time with music and news. I get The Daily Collegian in the library after I get off the bus and I read it on the nearest sofa; it is a new habit I’m building.

One important thing I want to share is that I check my Instagram account very often and it is my favorite thing to do, especially with a cup of coffee. Yes, I am a picture people, obsessing with romantic pictures along with short words. Here is my list of “must follow” Instagram account; there are landscape poster like paulyvella, aditzt or cute food poster nao1223, and “beautiful life” theme poster monchouchou, emilieristevski, maghettastrenghetta.

That’s basically my daily reading list except there is one more thing worth mentioning: I chat with my father using Skype almost every night, talk news we read, share our opinions and make comments; It’s like a information exchange.

Before bedtime I will go over some Chinese Social Networks, which are similar to those in the states. (They are also worth knowing but it’s complicated to explain here)


7 thoughts on “Viola’s Media Diet

  1. I love scrolling through my Instagram just like you! It is one of my favorite things to do. I checked out your “must follow” accounts, and now I think I may have to follow them as well! I mainly follow landscape and food account, too. Your comment about reading while eating makes you chew slower made me chuckle…I should definitely try that! I tend to eat my food very fast, which probably isn’t the healthiest thing to do 🙂

    • Thanks for commenting my blog, I was worried before that my post is boring and get digressed somewhat. We should talk more about the Instagram; I feel like it’s a good way not only to enjoy cute photos but also to view news in a more visual way. I got this idea when I followed “Boston Marathon Bombings”; 😦 there are lots of touching photos lingering on my mind. We should definitely notice the beauty of visual news! Also, good luck chewing!Hope I helped somehow!:)

  2. My dad is the exact opposite of yours! He will turn on the news, but he will fall asleep before he actually sees anything. You and your father have a great relationship; I love how you discuss news with him over Skype. I think I will starting doing that with my dad too! I also have the New York Times app; it comes in handy when you are are on the go. Have you tried the app for CNN? It’s also a great tool to get the news fast.

    • Thank you for recommending the CNN app! I used to check the CNN website but it’s not as handy as a phone app. I’m a broadcast journalism major, so it’s important for me to have a deep exploration in broadcasting field. And also, I would say that talking news with someone close is a really cool way to stay informed. By the way, me and my father always have the opposite views over news. I hope you and your father will have such a cute meeting daily, too.

  3. I really admire that your so involved in the news and what is happening. The news is so important to be updated on, you seem like you really strive to make it part of your daily routine. That’s great !

  4. Ah I love Instagram too! I love following my favorite celebrities so I can stay updated, even if they only post something like what they ate for dinner that day ahaha Like Laura, I also admire how much news you read! It’s so difficult sometimes to keep up with many different news sources (especially with how busy everyone is) so that’s really really great! I think I’ll have to download more news apps so I can read from them whenever I’m early to class. Great media diet post!

  5. Hi Viola — First, thanks for the Instagram suggestions. I just followed a bunch of them 🙂 I love the idea of presenting the news more visually … it’s something we’re going to look for as we go out and about this semester. This is new for me in this class — I add and/or subtract something every semester — and I am curious to see how this works.

    My dad was the news guy in my family, too, growing up. We still talk about news on the phone, but often that ends up as an argument 🙂 I think he enjoys that, actually. He used to get in trouble with my mom for letting me stay up and watch breaking news on TV; he actually woke up up once when CNN was broadcasting a potential coup from Russia.


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