Andy’s Media Diet


Everyone needs some place they can escape to. One of my favorite things to do is just sit down with my guitar and get lost in it for hours upon hours. I like to play anything from The Beatles to random noise but it is the one thing that I can escape to from the stress of the world. But music isn’t the only thing that helps me escape me from reality once in a while.

Ever since I was a young boy, I have been a loyal subscriber to Sports Illustrated and NME. I have been reading these two magazines as long as I can remember, covering most of the entertainment news in my life. I remember being glued to the pages of Sports Illustrated as they described the triumph of the 2008 Philadelphia Phillies and also being close to shedding a tear as I read the break up of Oasis in 2009 through NME.

I have always been a big activist in reading novels throughout my life. Starting from Dr. Seuss as a young boy, my favorite novels have evolved into books like the Fight Club, Lamb, and of course the Harry Potter Series. I’ll be honest, I’m not the most consistent reader. I can be perfectly content without picking up a book for months and manage to live a pretty satisfying lifestyle. But when I pick up a book like where it can just blow my hair back, I can’t help but appreciate what it has to offer. Whether it’s reading about Tyler Durden’s quest for a revoultion or Harry’s constant ability to put Hogwarts in danger, I can always find myself trying to finish one more page.

Most of my daily updates on news and information come straight from Twitter. It’s funny to think about how opposed I was to Twitter only just a couple years ago but how it’s my go to social media. Following pages such as NYTimes, CNN, and Onward State, I’m basically able to get all coverage on news to not only Penn State but from everything else around the world. Although mostly Twitter, pages such as Facebook also helps me keep on top of my activities such as The Lion 90.7fm and Comradio . Being a radio DJ and also a producer, I get comments, requests, and reviews weekly about my shows. Being so accessible, I am able to get these updates whenever and wherever I go.

Reading is not always a big part of my life but is an important part of my life. Getting my daily updates from Twitter, fantasy from J.K. Rowling, and news from NYTimes all contribute my enthusiasm for reading and look for a hopeful future of great novels, successful Eagles seasons, and an Oasis reunion and such…


3 thoughts on “Andy’s Media Diet

  1. I can totally relate to you about how you feel about books. I can be completely content with not picking a book up for months at a time but when I find something that interests me, I can just sit back and enjoy every word it has to offer. It seems like me and you are on the same page. It’s funny that you say you were opposed to Twitter at first and now you use it for everything. Personally, I just got a twitter because of this class. I was very against it, I always thought that it was stupid and just a way for people to look for attention but I’m starting to realize it is actually an amazing way to find out what is going on around the world and a great way to expose media you would like to share! This works really well for you considering you can get a lot feedback and requests with being a radio DJ and a producer!

  2. I like how you put your relationship with reading. I’m pretty much the same way. Although reading tweets and articles has become a big part of my life, a good book seems much harder to come by in my opinion. When you find one, however, you really are submersed completely in the story, from start to finish. There’s not much better than to find that one book that you truly enjoy and just go and get lost in for a hour or so at a time. It’s always awesome getting in the studio with you on Friday’s to play some good tunes and talk news and entertainment. Unfortunately I don’t think the Oasis reunion is happening any time soon, but I do believe the Eagles are primed for a successful season.

  3. Hi Andy — I just read your last paragraph to my husband, and he said he is with you on all of your goals … except that he’s putting the Oasis reunion first 🙂

    This idea that there are certain books that just suck you in is fascinating to me. I agree that there is nothing like being immersed in a story. That’s why starting with Order of the Phoenix, I picked up the Harry Potter books at midnight bookstore parties and then went home and stayed up reading all night. I spent most of my life getting in trouble for not hearing my mom tell me to do chores or whatever because “Oh, Lori has her nose buried in a book.”

    All of you should think about what draws you into a book — and just as important, KEEPS you there. At least some of it is the writing itself — the details, the story, the nicely crafted sentences. When you are writing, see what you can to do achieve that. That’s a life-long process, believe me, but it is one we will work on in this class.


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