What’s your Beef with the Biased Finger-Pointers?

One major issue in journalism today involves false and biased information being given to the public.  Non-partisan media is a rare beauty that is easy to distinguish, yet hard to project for various reasons.  Another problem is the excessive publication of sensational stories, production companies cover many downers such as murders, fires, etc.  Disregard the fact that the media doesn’t cover the media, but there’s so much great in the world that goes unnoticed.  Editors must also take greater responsibility in the mistakes made by their employees.  People depend on certain companies for certain information, and someone must be accountable when info is falsified or corrupt.

The (Lakeland) Ledger Stylebook states plagiarism as “the act of taking ideas, thoughts or words from another and passing them off as one’s own.”  Whether if it’s intentional or by mistake;  it’s wrong.  I’ve been guilty of it before and eventually realized that it’s not even worth it.  Being original is worth it, not only for academics sake but also because it’s very interesting, exciting and easy to distinguish. The report notes that the internet doesn’t necessarily help in preventing plagiarism, although I disagree – websites have been created allowing professors/teachers to check for plagiarism.  The Ledger report mentions how “alerting readers to desire for feedback – is the best way to ensure that we uphold good journalistic standards.”


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