Re-creating a Profession That Deserves to Thrive

baquet190Dean Baquet certainly has a unique view on the field of journalism, and as a student entering the field, it was refreshing to hear.  Adjectives such as “thriving” are not typically used to describe the journalism industry, but Baquet actually made me excited about my future when he said he was truly jealous that we were entering the field at such a wonderful time.  I think Baquet was a perfect speaker for an audience of journalism students because he provided not only positivity, but also a great deal of advice.

One major theme of Baquet’s talk was the expansion of technology.  He advised us to become proficient in multimedia and in what it takes to become a producer, because the youngest people are getting hired for those jobs.  As technology advances, so does our box of tools as journalists, and that’s exciting.

With an increase in technology comes an increase of pressure to produce “of-the-moment” news.  However, Baquet stressed the significance of accuracy and maintaining ethics, even when we feel forced to make decisions on the spot.  I like that the New York Times stays true to their ethics and does not change, despite the stress of competition.01-top-three-skills

My favorite take-away from Baquet’s talk was to not get so caught up in ambitions and aspirations that we miss the process of becoming journalists.  That quote really hit home because it reminded me of the importance of living in the moment.  It also shows that Baquet enjoys his profession and had a positive journey of getting where he is today.

Overall his talk left me feeling optimistic about what my life has to offer and he put into perspective what we, as budding journalists, need to focus on to make the profession thrive.


One thought on “Re-creating a Profession That Deserves to Thrive

  1. Hey Meghan,

    You made a piercing observation on Baquet’s standpoint of the burgeoning multimedia industry.

    During one of the distinguished seminar hosted in the Annenberg College School of Communication and Journalism at the USC, Dean Baquet was invited to talk about the changing environment of the news media. One student asked him that how journalists could still preserve their traditional characters with a growing sense of online presence? Dean’s response is of balance and insight.

    He said that the NYT encouraged journalist to use Twitter to break news in order to set up thematic tones for relevant stories pending publication, albeit he did not fully consent the usage of Twitter in exposing news without discretion of its content. He emphasized the importance of “holding the news” when necessary.

    Can you think of any examples of headliner that should be quarantined from online media until the story publishes?

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