Honing a Craft and Future with Baquet

6a00e5520895f58833013487c34250970c-320wiInstead of having class for the next hour, we were allowed to go down to Heritage Hall to see the managing editor of New York Times, Dean Baquet, talk to us about the field of journalism and educate us on what to expect ahead.

Honestly, I did not expect much going into the conference. I saw it as an opportunity to relax and basically have a free day out of class. But after a nice introduction from the head of the communications department, Dean Baquet continued to breathe out of fresh air to all journalist students sitting in that room.

“Uncertainty has been a part of the newsroom longer than I would like to admit.” As an aspiring journalist with a knowledge of uncertainty of the career path that he is chosen, it was the most refreshing and encouraging part of the entire conference. Just as Neil Young told us that “rock n roll will never die,” Baquet’s words seemed to echo the rockstar’s very own.

Reassurance is a very important and well, reassuring word for me. “I am jealous of you guys as you enter journalism at a very exciting time.” As Baquet continued to further explain the bright future of journalism, I began to learn what being a journalist can actually be like. With social medias such as Facebook and Twitter emerging, there is endless possibilities and opportunities that has opened up for the us future journalists. With advice to explore the world, not get caught up in the newsroom, and continue reading, it was very cool to see how he treated and enjoyed such a time consuming job.

The field of journalism requires knowledge and commitment to your job, but also comes with a hint of uncertainty. People have been saying rock n roll has been dead since The Beatles split up and people have reiterated similar words about journalism as long as we can remember. That being said, seeing Dean Baquet’s success in the business and listening how he does it, gave me confidence for my future.


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