WE ARE… future journalists!



On the day the Government shutdown, Dean Baquet, managing editor of THE New York Times, still held his speech in a room full of thankful students and faculty, waiting for his arrival. It was cool to know the New York Times could handle it while he was gone– what an honor it would be to write for that paper. 

Dean Baquet praised the entire room, giving us a true wake-up call– reminding us all why we have come to THE Pennsylvania State University.  “I’m envious of your age; you will be able to do things I never could.”  He expressed that we have the power literally at our fingertips with today’s technology to be successful, and influential writers who love their jobs. This was a great reminder. And even though we should aim for big news organizations, if that doesn’t happen or at least not right away, we can still make a name for ourselves through this new technology.

And with that reminder, it also made me realize how much we really do need to take advantage of social media and blogs, as future journalists. I’ve never heard that as much as I have in the last two months and I have to admit, I don’t really want to change in that aspect. I feel somewhat negative towards social media, which is why I didn’t have a Twitter before this class and don’t want to make an Instagram and so on… that and I feel like it’s kind of redundant once you have one, why do you need to be a member of all social media sites… But each one has a different focus and it’s interesting to learn the potential of each [for our specific career]. So, I plan to change my thinking regarding social media… slowly… but surely. 

Baquet coming to our university did nothing but re-energize my life-long interest in the New York Times– a dream of having some sort of affiliation with the paper as part of my career; an absolute DREAM.

In a college full of so many majors, it was refreshing to be around peers who speak the same language, want the same things and care about the same things. And to top that, hear from Dean Baquet speak of our industry in such a positive and refreshing light. 

I don’t know about you all, but Baquet made me feel important as a future journalist, with the “craft” it is, like we can each be some sort of superhero wherever we end up, just by reporting the news professionally. People knock our industry and even our major like it isn’t serious or hard just because we don’t deal with engineering classes, but he was right– it is a craft and not everyone can do it. “Embrace the public service emblem of journalism– because that IS what it is.”

I hope each of you felt the same inspiration I did. 



3 thoughts on “WE ARE… future journalists!

  1. Hi Chelsea,
    I totally agree with you about the multiple social media sites being redundant. I didn’t have twitter before this class either so I understand where you’re coming from with the “slowly but surely” comment. I never realized the importance of having an “online presence” as Lori calls it until I took this class. We are so luck to be born into a generation that has the opportunity to express our opinions and have our voices heard via the Internet and we often take that for granted. After listening to Dean Baquet speak, I think most people from our class are starting to appreciate technology we have available to us. I definitely felt just as inspired as you did, he was an excellent speaker with lots of good advice and wisdom to share.

  2. Hi Chelesa,
    I’ve been opposed to every social media that came out. It always seems to take me around a year to catch up with the media whether it was Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. I’ve always felt negative and didn’t care much for them but they really seem to be the future of journalism. I now even get a good majority of my news just by scrolling through Twitter and social medias like Facebook allow me to get in contact with people that I need to. I think Dean Baquet really reassured confidence in not only me but I’m sure a lot of other students of the opportunities we will have in the future with the world evolving into a whole new generation.

  3. I still find myself forcing myself to go on Twitter. I always pick up the paper and go on Bing.com everyday/multiple times a day along with watching talk show after talk show and news after news in the morning. That’s my main source of news still. I put apps for some of the major news outlets on my tablet and phone but I’m still not running to check those either. I have this stack of newspapers on my desk in my room… I’m beginning to wonder if I’m hoarding the newspaper more than actually reading the whole thing. #thelifeofajournalist

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