A little birdy told me…



In all honesty, I made a Twitter because I needed it for this class and that’s all I use it for—right now at least. So, if you are wondering where I am on this whole thing… I’m still working on it. I thought I would be more into it by now but I still have no desire to actually tweet because I felt like tweeting. 

But I have to admit, the articles from both Steve Buttry and Mallory Tenore both pose good arguments on why as a journalist, I should continue to get involved in the Twitter world. For starters it’s given me a new perspective about why having a social media/web presence is important and will only become more important, not just as a journalist (although especially as one) but for my family business and other things people might get involved in like foundations, support groups and so on.

I found it most relatable when Tenore talked about Twitter giving her confidence as a writer. I had a pat-on-the-back experience with Twitter recently when a couple of my tweets got “favorited.” I thought that was so cool that people I didn’t know and who have a large following could find my tweets and favorite them. So things like that give a new Tweeter motivation to keep tweeting.

It’s also more personable to be able to follow people you look up to and watch on TV like Stephen A. Smith or other great personalities. Who knows, maybe you’ll create a friendship you never expected. Twitter gives Journalists a chance to virtually network— which Journalism is all about networking. 

As I continue to pursue the Twitter world, I hope to gain story ideas and to continue the conversation like Buttry mentioned in his article. I find these perspectives quite fascinating. 




4 thoughts on “A little birdy told me…

  1. Chelsea,

    Well, I commented on your post Tuesday, but for some reason it did not show up, so I am going to comment again!

    I too only created a Twitter account because it was necessary for this class and my sociology class. If it wasn’t for educational purposes, I don’t think I would have every created one being the stubborn person that I am! But now I am beginning to realize that Twitter is an absolute necessity in the field I want to enter and that there are many benefits to using Twitter. Since I am still relatively new to Twitter, I have only gotten a couple “pat-on-the-back” experiences, but they do give you a sense of confidence! Hopefully I can experience more of this encouragement as I become a Twitter veteran as opposed to a Twitter amateur.


  2. Yeah, I saw your first response. I don’t know why it isn’t showing but I’ll back you up. Lol
    But yes, it’s really interesting to learn about Twitter and how beneficial it can be for us as journalists. I still don’t really have followers because I don’t go around telling people I know that I have a Twitter because I don’t spend much time on Twitter at all or like it much yet, so… what can I say, it’s still a struggle but it’s coming along.

  3. Chelsea,

    I like what you included about your tweets getting favorited. In a way, I’ve also taken this as a pat on the back at times. Hashtags especially help with the part you mentioned about people you don’t know getting a chance to view and favorite your content. In a way, it seems more meaningful when it comes from another Twitter user who is utilizing a hashtag in the proper way and stumbling onto your tweet as opposed to a friend who just saw it pop up on their feed.

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