Could Twitter Really Help Improve My Writing?

I was never big on twitter to begin with; it has become something that has recently grown on me. I was always a little bit skeptical about how much you can really say on twitter. I’m very much the type of person who likes to ramble, I always have a lot to say and whenever I do decide to tweet, it can never fit into the 140 word- count category. Using minimal adjectives, reducing the amount of words I use and being able to make a short strong sentence are three factors that I have struggled with throughout my career of writing.


In Mallary Tenore’s “ 6 ways Twitter Has Made Me A Better Writer,” she explained the changes she made in her own writing. Mallary mentions that she treats each sentence as if it were a tweet to express the significance of each word. Twitter limits each used to a 140-character limit, each tweet must be bold enough to flaunt on the media. Mallary’s method helps keep each sentence less wordy but strong. Some of the best writers don’t use an excessive amount of adjectives to form a great sentence. The best writers form strong sentences by trimming off the fat.


Overall, twitter has improved the way we receive and read news. Nowadays, the minute there’s any type of breaking news, it finds its way onto the Internet within minutes. Steve Buttry’s “ 10 ways Twitter Is Valuable to Journalists “ communicates how quickly people are to post breaking news on twitter. Nobody has to go out of their way to find a news channel or a newspaper anymore. Anybody can just log onto their twitter through either their phone or computer and read a simple 140- character brief synopsis on what the updates are or what he breaking news is.


 Ultimately, as journalists, our main goal is to give our audience accurate and speedy news. Not everybody wants to go into full detail about every occurring event that is happening everyday. People want to get the synopsis; the details aren’t always fully necessary. Buttry and Tenore emphasize that the character limits a benefit while being a journalist on twitter. The general public is content with a few sentences of the new updates in the news world. Because of this, I think that twitter is a great way to expand my vocabulary as a writer and keep each of my sentences intriguing to the audience by using strong words. 


One thought on “Could Twitter Really Help Improve My Writing?

  1. I agree with you that it’s so hard to fit thoughts into 140 characters! And I really love your sentence “The best writers form strong sentences by trimming off the fat.” It’s such a good way to put it.
    It’s so hard to be succinct when it comes to writing and Twitter really helps with that! Great piece!

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