From Chirping to Tweeting

I noticed something as I began writing this post.  Pre-Twitter days, the world always said that birds chirp.  Not tweet.   Just a little food for thought.

Just like Mallary Tenore said in her article, I thought Twitter was something that I’d never get into or ever use.  That was true for the first couple years of existence.  The reason I ever got a Twitter account in the first place was because my mom had one and she kept sharing with me funny things that celebrities were saying.  To me, it was a really cool idea to be able to be connected to your favorite celebrities in a medium that they could share their thoughts at a distance and you could be close to them without hiding in a tree outside of their window.

Twitter's World


Twitter has evolved into a journalistic revolution.  It brought a whole new meaning to breaking news.  It’s completely different now.  Steve Buttry outlines Twitter’s effect on breaking news in his article.  In the article he says, “When public news breaks in your community, whether that news is a plane crash, terrorist attack, earthquake, flood, mass murder or snowstorm, people who have seen and experienced the news event tweet about it.”  That is completely true.  When things like that happen, your Twitter feed is full of people’s opinions and coverage of the event and this can give you a feel of how people are reacting.  Twitter makes everything quick.  News flies into the world at the length of 140 characters at an insane rate of speed and shared at that same speed all over the world.

My experience with Twitter has been full of reporters live-tweeting an event.  I’ve seen people argue with each other with 140 character or less insults.  I’ve seen floods of breaking news come from every source in the world all at the same time clogging up my feed.  With Twitter, a current aspiring journalist has seen the craft of journalism transform into this high-paced attack of news.


3 thoughts on “From Chirping to Tweeting

  1. I’m glad that you had the same feelings as me when Twitter first started out. I wrote on my post that the only reason I joined Twitter was because my friends told me to and so that I could follow athletes. My difference was, you thought it would be cool. I was reluctant to join because I’m a fairly hesitant person to join new things.

    I do, however, like how you put Twitter into perspective almost perfectly. It has completely changed the game of journalism. Now, instead of having to what until the 5 o’clock news, or worse, the morning paper, you have breaking news at your fingertips almost immediately. My only hesitation with breaking Twitter news is the legitimacy of it. Getting the first tweet out is evident for many situations, and sometimes it’s simply not right. Good reporting still needs to be apparent when these news outlets tweet.

    • I’m right there with you. Just a two days ago, someone reported a rumor about a trade between the Phillies and Jays that included Dom Brown for Bautista which turned out to be completely false. Twitter is tricky like that.

  2. I’m right there with you in that I thought that I would never use Twitter. I used to think it was stupid and a waste a time. Still to this day I have not become fully enveloped in Twitter, although, I’m coming around. It is definitely a valuable tool for many reasons! Haha, for some reason I found your point about how we don’t need to hide in trees outside of celebrities’ windows very funny. It is so true though! Twitter and Instagram have given us a sort of virtual window into celebrities’ lives. It is a very cool phenomenon!

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