hashtags help me highlight

Twitter, it makes me a better writer without even realizing it.  In 140 characters, you have no choice but to be concise. Twitter has taught me to highlight the most important parts and use those in my writing to remind me the best parts in an event. Jean Tenore made a point of h0w twitter has created better writing in journalism. Dean Baquet had said that he could see that the world of journalism was changing and that through media it would change, it seems that social media has changed journalism but it could actually improve it.

Tenore said Twitter had made her writing better when she can “capture the reaction,” it helps make writing interesting. Capturing the moment to me, is one of the hardest thing a journalist can do. It keeps readers interested and can make people feel a certain way about something. Twitter makes it easier to see what people want, what they want to read about and the more other writers “tweet,” something the more you can realize what they might see as important or what they see as a highlight.

This concept relates to Buttry’s initial reasoning when he wrote 10 ways Twitter makes a better writer. It can distribute content quickly, and can show other journalist what they see as a highlight. It helps me to know what everyone else sees as an important quote or moment.


3 thoughts on “hashtags help me highlight

  1. I completely agree with the fact that capturing a reaction is challenging while writing. However, Twitter certainly presents a challenge in this aspect. With only 140 characters to give, I believe it is equally difficult to use the social media tool as a way to ‘capture a reaction’.

    On the other hand, I like the part you included about Buttry’s belief that Twitter is one of the fastest, most efficient content distribution system. The ability to highlight a particular quote or moment via Twitter is almost incomparable.

  2. Twitter really is a store full of candy for a journalist. As a good journalist, your goal is to be concise with your words but at the same time deliver all the information that you want to send out. With a limit of 140 character, Twitter really seems to give people the ability to do so and is great practice for us journalists.

    With constant news updates and people constantly tweeting, you are always engaged on Twitter and it has really developed into a great tool for people all around to share their thoughts and information. Hopefully, social media and news will only grow from this and give us an exciting world to look forward to

  3. Laura,

    I love the fact that you have the idea to highlight the main ideas with hashtags. I never really thought about doing that before. The pound sign and color change of the hashtag draw a reader’s eyes immediately to that section of the tweet. I feel like a hashtag is kind of equivalent to a summary lede. Ideally, a hashtag would help a reader to learn the subject of the tweet without actually having to read the entire thing. Obviously, that is extremely lazy, but that’s America these days!


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