Twitter: The Ultimate Breaking News Source

Prior to taking this class, I never saw a need for multiple social media accounts. I always believed it was repetitive to share the same information over different sites and spend all your time checking up on what other people have posted on them. I was a “one-size-fits-all” kind of girl with Facebook. Now, that I’ve been on Twitter for approximately 4 months, I can truly say it has it’s own unique value in the way I receive and spread news.

For example, when I’m scrolling through my Facebook news feed, it’s hard to sort through all the drunk photos from the night before and irrelevant status updates before I can actually get to interesting stories (like the one about the Russian artist who nailed his testicles to the ground in protest at Kremlin’s crackdown on rights.) But, since I have added Twitter to my media diet, this mindless scrolling is a thing of the past. I can easily access what I am looking for by searching for stories through their hash tags in the search bar. 

I have to agree with Steve Buttry’s article, “10 ways Twitter is valuable to journalists.” Being able to follow big news corporations, such as CNN and NYT, as they push out breaking news information is a big advantage of using Twitter. Also, the idea that Twitter saves time is completely accurate. The fact that there is a word limit,  140 characters, to tweets forces the writer to write concisely while getting out the most essential information about the story as possible.  It not only makes it easier for the reader to pick out what interests them, it also makes us as journalists better writers because it challenges us to use only the most terse and precise language.

Twitter has aided me as both a writer and a news consumer. I am appreciative that we have sites like this where we can explore others and share our own stories. 


One thought on “Twitter: The Ultimate Breaking News Source

  1. I think it’s interesting that you point out the distinction between Facebook and Twitter, and you’re definitely right that Facebook is more personal-life oriented. I rarely post anything serious on my Facebook, whereas I share more professional-style content on my Twitter.

    As for news on Facebook, I like how it’s even possible to find news on it — unlike my high school days, when my feed was filled with typical high school stuff and Farmville invitations, now I can actually find interesting content that my friends have shared (on top of drunk photos from the weekend before.)

    Not a total loss when it comes to using Facebook.

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