Twitter Frenzy

The Twitter world is a confusing place. It’s a world where people can share their thoughts in a limit of 140 characters as they get excited about a person who has started to follow you. It’s a phenomenon that has absorbed a lot of people’s lives, including me.

I joined the Twitter world involuntarily. One was made for me by my friend as a joke one day, and as the Twitter account just lingered on in the internet for a few days, curiosity got the best of me as I started to see what the whole Twitter business was all about. At first, it just kinda seemed stupid and awkward.

Just a list of people to make you feel a little bit better about yourself

Just a few people to make you feel a little bit better about yourself

As time went on, I began to tweet more and more without realizing it. I had been officially hooked. As I came into Penn State, the Twitter world became such a bigger part in my life. Joining different clubs and taking classes like Comm 260, Twitter was not only a part of my social life but my working life as well.

I personally think it is the best social media out there right now. It’s very simple in its format, making it people more open to the idea of using it. It’s provides a lot of different ways for people to communicate with each other and also keeps me up to date on the latest news. I really feel like there is a Twitter page for everything now. I follow one page that basically talks about carrots all day.

As a journalist, it is kind of fun in a way. One of our main jobs is too be succinct in our words, but making sure that they deliver the message in the best way. Like Mallary Tenore said, “ It’s a verbose writer’s friend and worst enemy — a constant reminder that it’s often harder to write short than it is to write long.” This is a problem that I run into constantly as I am usually forced to rid all punctuation so I can fit in my hashtag.

All in all, I really do not have a problem with Twitter all too much. The people ruin it sometimes for me with the annoying retweets or the desperate attempts at getting follows, but I expect that from a social media. It is a great place to get news from and it allows me to do my work so much easier on, being able to contact bands and just other people all across the world.


One thought on “Twitter Frenzy

  1. I think when you talk about Twitter as a journalist, I really enjoy what you talk about. I have alot of problems when it comes to condensing my writing. It’s evident in my Tweets that I have to be more concise with my tweets. It’s come out in my writing too. Even just today I struggled with the lede to condense it down into a few paragraphs worth writing. I think it’s important for us to really consider the elimination of unnecessary wordiness that we use.

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