Hunter’s Media Diet

My name is Hunter Maerz and I am a junior at Penn State University studying Broadcast Journalism. My morning ritual for attaining news starts with the television show, Sportscenter, which I put on while I get ready for the day, to get a quick recap of any and all sports news. Then, I have relatively early classes this semester, so while I am walking to class, I pick up a copy of the Daily Collegian. As soon as I get to the classroom, I sit down and look over the stories while I wait for class to begin. By doing this, I am able to catch up on all news relating to Penn State and the area. Then, once it becomes time for me to pull my laptop out, I have the New York Times website as my homepage so that right when I go on to the Internet, their news is the first thing I see. This strategy allows me to easily look through the top headlines of the day and if anything strikes my interest enough, I will click to view the whole story.

Now, going from class to class all day, with some time to eat and hit the gym, makes for a very busy day. So, I always check my Twitter feed on my cell phone throughout the entire day to catch any quick blurbs of news that may be happening in the world. I follow several news corporations such as CNN and Fox News, as well as a couple of sports analysts/agents, and a few public figureheads such as Bill Clinton and Oprah Winfrey. Following a variety of different people and corporations allows me to get a lot of different opinions and news stories that I might otherwise not see. I also read Rolling Stone magazine and Sports Illustrated magazine from time to time, depending on if there are featured stories that I am interested in reading about. I am not a big fan of the radio so I will admit that I do not listen to any talk shows or get any of my news using that platform. The last book I read was The Great Gatsby, which I was re-reading for the second time. It has become quite a favorite of mine. I love the HBO original series Game of Thrones too, and would love to start reading those novels as well. I mean, who wouldn’t want to read the books that led to a trailer like this?

This is me after almost getting swept away into the sea in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, last spring

This is me after almost getting swept away into the sea in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, last spring

In terms of my career, I would like to end up working in the entertainment world, whether it is music or film, because that is what I am most interested in and I would like to explore more into that field. Also, working for a sports magazine or a sports show would not be horrible either. I think of myself as pretty outgoing, so if I end up in one of those fields, I would like to have a job that involves communicating with other people or companies. I just want to make sure that if I am going to have a job, I want to be passionate about it and I want to work as hard as I possibly can to be the best at it.